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Headworks 3D Mannequin Activates Innovation

Headworks 3D Mannequin Activates Innovation

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The world’s first holographic intelligent mannequin is the creation of London animator Dominic Faraway, who built it in his home studio in North London.

They used the Business and IP Centre of the British Library for resources and to patient their unique idea.

Headworks presents a new experience in visual display and communication: an ultra realistic talking 3D holographic head combines with a life-size mannequin body.


This technology will be a great solution as a sustainable technological replacement for scarecrows on our rice farm with an interactive image to scare away these destructive pests on our rice farm.

Furthermore, this could also help our poultries from rodents and reptiles where interactive images can pose a threat to any intruder saving the food industry from attacks and financial loss. The role of ICT in agricultural development cannot be disregarded.

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Examples of ICT driven technological solutions to address pests……

Rice farmers in Taitung County have begun using scarecrows equipped with solar panels to protect crops from birds after researchers devised the technique as a labor-saving measure. Researchers at the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station said the solar-powered scarecrows can make noises that scare away birds without harming the animals (Taipeitimes)

Picture courtesy Chen Hsien-yi, Taipei Times

According to modernfarmer, a team of scientists at the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (FDACS) is employing creativity, plastic and 3-D printing technology to take pest traps to the next level. “Once you know the target pest’s behavior, then you can tailor the trap to the insect,” Smith says. “It’s half art, half biology.”

Picture courtesy of Courtesy Joshua Reid Carswell with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

One of Soleon’s recent projects is called the SoleonAgro, a drone intended for biological pest control in agriculture. The target of this project is a pest which affects maize stalks, causing a significant amount of crops to be destroyed each year. Instead of turning to pesticides or genetically modified crops as a solution, the SoleonAgro drone distributes Trichogramma eggs. The Trichogramma is a species of wasp which eats the Corn Borer, and offers the great benefit of being a natural, eco-friendly solution (materialise)

Pictures courtesy of Soleon

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