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Daily Archives: July 16, 2018

We have a huge variety of games options offered on line that can produce it hard to look for yourself dependent on just one video game, but you could find your self spending just about every extra moment of your working day participating in web based games. – Jakarta Food Security Summit

When using the amount of gaming prospects there can be you must get yourself participating in at least one every week if you are a great serious on the net gamer.

A lot of games possess recently turn into developed by using miniclip. These types of games generally have some of the very best graphics meant for many of these easy video games which include the video game known since Bubble Problem installment payments on your This kind of video game offers a extremely simplistic situation yet seems to become a really addicting video game. In a subject of minutes you? lmost all find your self planning to continue playing the game and hours goes past ahead of you discover that you just? empieza sat performing Bubble Difficulty two pertaining to 4 hours straight. That? after hour a truly addictive game.

To make things more serious, a lot of these games add? t even have a cost so that makes them free of charge addicting game titles. When something happens to be given to you intended for free which you can use on a regular most basic you happen to be going to turn into hooked in no period. Hard to kick online games may become the entire existence. You might wake up each morning and discover yourself having to perform the game just a little bit just before you embark on your entire day and then stay up half the night so you can surface finish a several level. This happens a lot in the miniclip game titles world.

Obviously, the computer revolution and its large penetration even in the growing financial systems possess performed an essential function in impacting on peoples” options. Consequently, guys are today more willing to do things troubles personal computers than placing in any actual hard work. This is in fact clear right from the pattern in nearly all societies where reading, publishing and many other forms of activities became nearly out of date. As anticipated, video games offers also certainly not been ready to be untouched by the effect of pcs and laptops.

In recent years, more and more children are noticed spending their period on the personal computers playing a wide range of download video games. Notably, this kind of trend is definitely not restricted to boys or perhaps girls which is more pronounced among children coming via wealthier people. Therefore, occasions of acquiring boys playing racing download games or girls dedicating time in playing term download game titles is nothing fresh or unusual.

One of many reasons working in favor of the successful online gaming event is ease and availability of multiple options.

Unlike outdoor sports including rugby or perhaps baseball which regularly become hard to play as a result of poor climate conditions, online down load games can be played below any weather condition. Moreover, these types of download games do certainly not always require players to form groups for participating in. An specific player may consequently enjoy a casino game of his choice at any time of time he chooses.

Apart from this, the numerous choices perfect players will make online games an really beautiful activity for many people. Just for example, a sports video game enthusiast grows to choose coming from an array of down load game titles designed purely to get similar thinking players. At the same time, persons who favor word down load games over the rest contain options just like scrabble, scramble and crosswords.

Playing down load games web based is also a passion for those exactly who are away from their family and friends. As these download matches require the users in order to have a great internet connection, this becomes very easy for these people to play a game of their choice with family or close friends who also may thousands of miles far from them.

Via the internet gambling is usually a very useable in all business business that has evolved before couple of years and it is considered a money article spinner across the world. Appreciating the big potential with this new application form of games, many on the web gaming businesses have started efforts just like holding prize draws and offering cash gifts to champions over a daily, every week or fortnightly most basic. There are various video games programs that require avid gamers to indication up for any free account, play internet, increase ratings and compensate them meant for attractive prizes such seeing as gambling Computer games, amazing merchandises and also other stuff.

It has been found that numerous first of all time players are embracing internet game playing to win these awards and generate some speedy money. With this trend steadily growing, on the web gaming absolutely has a well lit near future in advance.

Via the internet video games can certainly be obsessive, but that may also certainly not end up being obsessive. There are some that simply do not apparently discover that perfect game your kids and that they obtain worn out of shopping around. It? h bound to happen at some point or another. With delete word such a huge variety of game titles though you may get in good fortune and find something which is not just an enjoyable experience to play, but you can play it without getting bored to tears. When ever you can look for a video game that you might want to continue participating in actually continue playing. These types of games could be hard for some to locate but once they carry out they? lmost all be in the region of obsessive games.

Bear in mind though that after you find free addictive game titles add? d let them above take your life. There can be something on the other hand of your monitor that is waiting for you to view it. Online video games can certainly be very addictive so make perfectly sure that in cases where you get yourself commiting to the kingdom of addictive games that you just set out a period of time that can be played these people so you can like these people designed for much longer. Hard to kick Game titles Internet comes with truly made this practical for you by having almost all their online games readily available day-to-day, so you can continue to retain returning all their games whenever, this will go for almost all their games like the miniclip and arcade town games.

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We Need a Food Revolution to strengthen food security

We Need a Food Revolution to strengthen food security

We Need a Food Revolution to strengthen food security

In 1984, I gathered the most successful musicians of the time to form a “supergroup” called Band Aid to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. The next year, an even larger grouping was formed for Live Aid, a major benefit concert and music-based fundraising initiative that continues to this day.

At last month’s International Forum on Food and Nutrition, held by the Barilla Foundation, the enduring – and increasingly urgent – need for efforts to strengthen food security could not be more obvious.

The fate of the Easter Islanders illustrates the world’s current problem. Sometime in the twelfth century, a group of Polynesians found their way to a remote volcanic island where dense forests provided food, animals, and the tools and materials to build hundreds of complex and mysterious stone sculptures. But, little by little, the people destroyed those forests, ultimately committing social, cultural, and physical suicide.

Today, in relative terms, we collectively have only a small swath of forest left – and we are rapidly destroying it. We are running out of land to farm, and the desert is spreading. The food we produce is often wasted, while almost a billion people do not have enough to eat – a reality that leaves many with little choice except to migrate.

Most media coverage focuses on refugees fleeing armed conflict (think Syria) or migrants seeking better economic opportunities than they have at home (think Nigeria or Pakistan). But the link between food scarcity and migration is stronger than it might seem to those who are not among the hungry.

For example, the Arab Spring uprisings of 2010-2011, which produced a massive wave of refugees, were triggered by a rise in wheat prices, which led to widespread bread riots that morphed into broader political revolutions. In fact, many armed conflicts, and the mass displacement they cause, can be traced back to food insecurity.

While the poor South starves, the rich North gorges. More than two billion of us are overweight, puffed up by low-energy sugars and mass-produced processed foods rich in fat. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, just one-quarter of the food we throw out or squander each year would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people. Worldwide, one-third of all crops are wasted. Like the Easter Islanders of the past, we are setting ourselves up for self-annihilation.

Moreover, human-driven climate change threatens to intensify existing pressures affecting food supply and migration. In a report published last December, the European Commission’s European Political Strategy Center predicted that ever-more frequent droughts and floods will “dwarf all other drivers of migration,” with as many as one billion people displaced globally by 2050. Even the lowest estimate of 25 million climate-change migrants, the report warns, “would dwarf the current levels of new refugees and internally displaced persons.”

To be sure, some steps are being taken to address food waste and scarcity. For example, this year, the European Commission proposed cuts in farm subsidies, which contribute to overproduction. But this approach – framed in terms of “evolution,” rather than the “revolution” that is needed – is not even remotely adequate.

The European Union’s common agricultural policy has long been highly problematic. The CAP authorized tax money to be spent on growing surplus food, which was then warehoused (at further cost) and ultimately destroyed (at still further cost). The system has improved somewhat over the years, but not nearly enough. The farm bill in the United States – the federal government’s primary agricultural and food policy tool – is similarly wasteful.

What is needed is not just a politically tolerable adjustment to existing policies, but rather root-and-branch reform that emphasizes real results. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether there are any politicians up to the task, whether in the erratic and polarized US or in the ineffectual European Parliament and Commission.

The time to step up was yesterday; the time to adopt a new approach is now. We can discuss the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – which include targets like “halving per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer level, and reducing food losses along production and supply chains by 2030” – until we are blue in the face. What matters are well-designed, effective, and comprehensive policies, implemented in a sustained manner. And those are nowhere to be found.

The Earth is 45 million centuries old, but our century is unique, because it is the first in which a species could destroy the entire basis of its own existence. Yet we latter-day Easter Islanders seem unaware of this existential threat, preferring to build statues rather than sustainable systems for survival.

Will we acknowledge our predicament only when our land becomes a desert, when our health systems collapse under the strain, when even the wealthy are facing food shortages, when freshwater becomes scarce, and when our national shorelines are breached? By then, it will be too late, and our fate will be sealed.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Each of us must recognize the seriousness of our situation and demand real action to change it. That means you.

Bob Geldof is an Irish singer-songwriter, author, and political activist. He is the founder and chairman of the Band Aid Trust for famine relief in Africa, and a member of the Africa Progress Panel.

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Dependent on imports, Oman takes steps for food security

Dependent on imports, Oman takes steps for food security

Dependent on imports, Oman takes steps for food security

Oman currently secures approximately 60 per cent of its food needs from international markets.

Muscat: Approximately 60 per cent of Oman’s food needs are met by international markets, according to a new report released by Oman’s Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export (Ithraa).

In a detailed overview of the Sultanate’s food security, Ithraa stated in a recent report, “Oman currently secures approximately 60 per cent of its food needs from international markets. However, the growing demand for food is expected to continue to pressure self-sufficiency rates. Population growth, urbanisation, rise in middle-class status along with a growing number of international tourists, are expected to change consumption patterns.”

“Up to half of Oman’s population is dependent on the agriculture and fisheries industries, with one-third of the economically active population directly employed in agriculture.”

“The GDP contribution of the sector, however, is just 1.9 per cent. It is dwarfed by the industry (21 per cent) and services (53.7 per cent) sectors,” said Ithraa.

The report noted, “Oman’s sustained capacity to finance food imports allows it to maintain a situation of food security for its population. It does, however, render it vulnerable to disruptions in food supply and to price fluctuations in global markets.”

“This was highlighted during the global food price crisis of 2007-08, when world grain prices surged and a number of large agricultural producers, including Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Kazakhstan placed emergency export restrictions on wheat, barley, rice and corn to ensure their domestic food security,” it added.

Experts agree with findings

Naveed Ahmed, General Manager of Muscat Livestock Company, said, “As a country which relies very heavily on imports to meet its food requirements, having a robust food security policy is paramount for Oman.”

“There are a lot of initiatives the government can take to improve this and learn a lot from its neighbours who have invested heavily in food producing countries such as Australia, India, and Somalia,” he added.

Steps are already being taken to ensure Oman’s food security. Recent agreements have focused on harnessing the potential of Oman’s food and logistics sectors.

During a recent MoU signing between Asyad and Oman Food Investment Holding Company (OFIC), Asyad CEO Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Hatmi said, “Oman currently loses 24 per cent of fisheries and 40 per cent of farm output through the supply chain, that can be reduced to 6 per cent and 10 per cent respectively. Indeed, supply chain processes and logistics for farm and food produce are intricate. In this regard, our partnership with OFIC will help meet the increasing demand for food.”

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation calculated that world food production will have to increase by more than 75 per cent over the next 33 years to ensure food supplies for 9.6 billion people by the year 2050, compared to 7.5 billion today.