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GDPR May 25 email rush

GDPR May 25 email rush

Every minute , email notification , message opened = GDPR compliance

*My two sides of the coin advice*

1) If you are resident within the European Union and you don’t want to miss some informative newsletters ….. go check your email now to avoid been unsubscribed

2) If your online platform is collecting data from EU residence, either you are based within the EU or not …… make sure you are GDPR compliant…. it’s better to play safe because I know some people feel it won’t last …hmmm

Fine: up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover will be a significant amount for any company to have to pay.

What you need to know about GDPR

If you’re collecting personal data from an EU resident, you must obtain explicit consent, which generally means that consent should be:

*Voluntary*. Have the user take affirmative action.

*Specific and informed.* Make sure people are aware of what you’re collecting, how it’s being used, and whom it may be shared with.

*Unambiguous.* Don’t disguise with redirects to terms of service overflowing with legal jargon.

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My “Sights and Sounds of Vienna Open Market …. Fresh and Nutritious Fruits” on YouTube

My “Sights and Sounds of Vienna Open Market …. Fresh and Nutritious Fruits” on YouTube

Sights and Sounds of Vienna Open Market ….
Fresh and Nutritious Fruits. My sustainable food research tour

It’s all about food security/nutrition closer and cheaper to the consumer

Open Market features …..
*Ease of entry
*Marketing opportunities for farmers
*Could be periodical
*Organic opportunities
*Might be noisy and rowdy
*Great experience

Great lesson for developing societies….. the post market food waste has been taking care of by sustainable storage and value chain facilities

Say no to #foodwaste
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‘Farmers feedback’ on E wallet in Nigeria Part 1

‘Farmers feedback’ on E wallet in Nigeria Part 1

Giving farmers a voice on issues affecting them……

Questions asked….

1) Advice to government on input delivery in Nigeria
2) Effects of mobile phone usage by farmers

The Federal government of Nigeria introduced the use of Electronic Wallet (e-wallet) Approach. An e wallet is an efficient and transparent electronic device system that makes use of vouchers for the purchase and distribution of agricultural inputs (Ezeh, 2013, Adesina, 2013).

Piano meets Cello at Czech and American collaborative grand performance

Piano meets Cello at Czech and American collaborative grand performance

It was an inspiring and historical collaboration between top notch Pianist Katelyn Bouska and the extraordinary hands of cellist Štěpán Filípek. The performance was to commemorate the anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic and its support for American compatriots and societies. The inspiring event was held at the Atrium Žižkov on Friday 23rd March 2018. The performance also featured the composition of Cello Sonata for Cello S. Barbera in confrontation with the intimate Fairytales for cello and piano by L. Janáček.

Katelyn Bouska met cellist Štěpán Filípek in Brno during the summer of 2015 when she visited the Czech Republic to look for areas of collaboration with Czech composers. This meeting gave birth to to sharing knowledge of the Czech and American music environments which resulted to joint concerts in Brno and Philadelphia with lots of great studio recordings.


The event witnessed representative from the U.S. Embassy in The Czech Republic, notable personality with friends and family members of the music performers. It was a wonderful experience with the great musical icons. More interviews and videos expected on this platform.


Short Profile

Katelyn Bouska

With performances described as “musically evocative” and a skill at engaging audiences in the musical dialogue, Dr. Katelyn Bouska is a frequent solo and collaborative musician. Her unique programming combining rarely-heard Czech and American music with music being written specifically for her by rising composers has found an audience throughout America and on the international concert stage in France, Canada, Austria, Italy, Germany, the Czech and lots more.

According to Curtis Institute of Music, Dr. Bouska is in demand as a teacher. She holds a D.M.A. in piano performance, master’s degrees in piano pedagogy and harpsichord performance, and a professional studies certificate in chamber music, all from Temple University; and a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Viterbo University. Dr. Bouska joined the Curtis faculty in 2016.

Štěpán Filípek

Štěpán studied at Prague Conservatory, Brno Conservatory and the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Since 2007 he is a cellist of the Orchestra of the National Theatre in Brno. He has started his professional career as interpreter of contemporary classical music, he has performed for example with Orchestra Berg, Ensemble Recherche, or the BCO and others. He has performed solo concerti with Pilsen philharmonic and Moravian philharmonic Olomouc.

He collaborates in a long‑term with Czech Radio Brno on documentation and recordings of works of Moravian composers for cello and piano. Currently he is cellist of chamber ensembles Solaris3, Trio Opera and Tango Quartetto Re Campo. He also participates in ambitious project “Musical connections Brno‑Philadelphia” with talented American pianist Katelyn Bouska. (Credit:Miloslav Ištvan Quartett)

Get free Test….World Glaucoma Week

Get free Test….World Glaucoma Week

Make the best use of this season to get your eyes tested…..

What is the first sign of glaucoma?

When the drainage angle of the eye suddenly becomes completely blocked, pressure builds up rapidly, and this is called acute angle-closure glaucoma. The symptoms include severe eye pain, blurred vision, headache, rainbow haloes around lights, nausea and vomiting.Source:Kellogg Eye Center

Chiggy Chidinma writes further….Glaucoma is a silent thief of sight. The type rampant in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa is Primary Open Angle Glaucoma. It gives you no sign, it gives you no symptoms. Doctors are trained by practice and experience to find out early for proper management. Damages caused by Glaucoma are irreversible. Drugs and Surgeries are only used for management of the Eye (s) involved.
God bless you Ireti Emmanuel Adesida. Thanks for joining your voice with ours. Blindness is a scourge!

Kudos to all the eye physicians around the world @chiggynma @all
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Stay away from negative people

Stay away from negative people

If you listen to them then you are joining their losers club…. There is no limitation to your greatness…. just keep aspiring and conquering …… I BELIEVE IN YOU……God dey

Thanks to @lifequotes.d.a.i.l.y – Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.😰 Type ‘Yes’ if you’re willing to stay away from negative people.💯 – #regrann
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Whose side are you on?
Positive Minds or Negative Minds

Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Strategic and planning culture is the ideology of every entrepreneur …. A well designed and monitored road map is key to the success of any entrepreneur….#iretiadesidaspeaks

Thanks to @djsuccessformula – 10 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs: create a routine, track your progress, and continue learning.
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What’s your view? …..Let’s talk…..

The World According to Termites … My film festival experience

The World According to Termites … My film festival experience

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Had an inspirational time at the screening of the film ‘The World According to Termites’ 52 min at the Life Sciences Film Festival

The picture above is the battle between a termite (Soldier) and a ant. A termite is more classified closely to the cockroach family and ants are related to the wasp family…

Termites play a major role in nourishing the soil and have a symbiotic relationship with big trees in the forest though they’re unaccepted guests in a domestic environment….

The trailer below

The society needs to understand the organisational and sacrificial characters of termites ……

The life of a #filmmaker
and an #agricultural #communicator

NGO Bill Threatens the independence of NGOs and CSOs in Nigeria – Sign Petition

NGO Bill Threatens the independence of NGOs and CSOs in Nigeria – Sign Petition

The bottom line is that a lot of organisations will be affected…. Cooperatives (Ajo , Esusu etc), Student Association, Alumni, Youth Organizations, Religious organizations, Clubs, Development initiatives etc….

We’ve got lots of issues pending in Nigeria that we should be addressing by now … We need to get #focussed #Naija

More Information about the bill

This Bill seeks to constitute a new Government body with full powers to control Community Based Organisations, Civil Societies and Ngos; by implication this bill will give this body unlimited power to exert undue influence on churches. Organisations who do not meet up with whatever future policies they constitute will not be ‘revalidated’ (revalidation is proposed to hold every 2years) This bill is a morphed version of an effort earlier in January to negate church operations . We seek to stop this Bill because it will affect the operations of churches and the freedom to worship as guaranteed in the constitution of the country.

Sign Petition here …..
The Bill is meant to handicap NGOs and make the voluntary purpose of Community development invalid …..

You can sign a petition to House of Representatives: Federal Republic of Nigeria which says:
Will you sign this petition?

Click her to sign the petition courtesy Citizengo


Headworks 3D Mannequin Activates Innovation

Headworks 3D Mannequin Activates Innovation

Activating #ICT4Agric ICT4D #ideas

The world’s first holographic intelligent mannequin is the creation of London animator Dominic Faraway, who built it in his home studio in North London.

They used the Business and IP Centre of the British Library for resources and to patient their unique idea.

Headworks presents a new experience in visual display and communication: an ultra realistic talking 3D holographic head combines with a life-size mannequin body.


This technology will be a great solution as a sustainable technological replacement for scarecrows on our rice farm with an interactive image to scare away these destructive pests on our rice farm.

Furthermore, this could also help our poultries from rodents and reptiles where interactive images can pose a threat to any intruder saving the food industry from attacks and financial loss. The role of ICT in agricultural development cannot be disregarded.

Just making #somesense #activ8agric #ict4agric

Examples of ICT driven technological solutions to address pests……

Rice farmers in Taitung County have begun using scarecrows equipped with solar panels to protect crops from birds after researchers devised the technique as a labor-saving measure. Researchers at the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station said the solar-powered scarecrows can make noises that scare away birds without harming the animals (Taipeitimes)

Picture courtesy Chen Hsien-yi, Taipei Times

According to modernfarmer, a team of scientists at the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (FDACS) is employing creativity, plastic and 3-D printing technology to take pest traps to the next level. “Once you know the target pest’s behavior, then you can tailor the trap to the insect,” Smith says. “It’s half art, half biology.”

Picture courtesy of Courtesy Joshua Reid Carswell with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

One of Soleon’s recent projects is called the SoleonAgro, a drone intended for biological pest control in agriculture. The target of this project is a pest which affects maize stalks, causing a significant amount of crops to be destroyed each year. Instead of turning to pesticides or genetically modified crops as a solution, the SoleonAgro drone distributes Trichogramma eggs. The Trichogramma is a species of wasp which eats the Corn Borer, and offers the great benefit of being a natural, eco-friendly solution (materialise)

Pictures courtesy of Soleon

#socialmedia is also key for #agribusiness and #sustainableagriculture

The life of a #DevelopmentComunicator #AgriculturalCommunicator Let’s #MakeAfricaGreatAgain