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My #RawThoughts… Native wears declared as official wear on Monday’s and Wednesday’s

My #RawThoughts… Native wears declared as official wear on Monday’s and Wednesday’s

My #RawThoughts
Commendable idea about encouraging local fabrics on Monday’s and Wednesday’s in Nigeria as received from some media sources but  how sustainable is this idea? My experience as an advocate of sustainable innovation transfer which one of its focus is starting from what people know, are used to and comfortable with will make me to fault the days chosen because the traditional attire ideology in Nigeria is mostly related to Friday’s which would have been a good day for the government to use in achieving this value reorientation strategy.

I would have advocated that the Television stations be used as a launch out strategy before making it open by encouraging presenters to dress in various made in Nigeria fabrics with unique designs. This would have appealed more to the public as a sustainable innovation transfer.

Looking at it from another angle, how sustainable is this idea towards encouraging Nigerian fabrics because how many industries do we have presently that is running at even average technological capacity? Most of the textile industries we have are still small scale and primitive in nature. I would have advocated for better infrastructure and creating more environmental friendly policies that will favour the Nigerian textile sector. We need to look beyond policy formation and start looking at policy reality unless this policy is looking at favouring our Nigerian fashion designers not tailors 😀 as we usually call them in those days because most of fabrics we wear today are not from Nigeria.

I commend the federal government but I stand for sustainable policies in achieving the #RhealyzNaija  campaign towards #BuyNigeria #MakeAfricanBusinessesGreatAgain



Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria