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August 2017 – Ireti Adesida   +420794026409 +2348035820593

Monthly Archives: August 2017

Sustainable Mentorship

Sustainable Mentorship

#Sustainable #mentorship #bigben

I had the great opportunity to meet my #grand #mentor He mentored my supportive father in the area of #journalism. He is over 90 years but very energetic with up-to-date grasp of the media/communication world.

He was also the founding editor of Good News #magazine in the UK.

That’s the secret of my expertise in #communication issues….. It’s an additional lesson for my mentorship platform….. What about you?

Sustainable mentorship is key

#inspirational #moment #Agricultural #Communication #development #communication #mentoring #iretiadesidaspeaks

The leadership lesson….. What are you holding on to?

The leadership lesson….. What are you holding on to?

The famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a picture of him sleeping in the street under his famous bronze statue, and wrote sadly (How times changed).

The reason he wrote the sentence was not only because he was old, but because when the governor of California opened the hotel with the statue in front of him. The hotel officials told Arnold: “At any time you can come and have a room reserved in your name”.

The reality of life came in when Arnold left Government and went to the hotel, the administration refused to give him a room arguing that the hotel was fully booked. Though he could afford other hotels but he wanted leaders to learn a great lesson.

He brought a cover and slept under the statue and asked people to imagine it. He wants to convey a message that when he was in a position they were praising him, and when he lost this position they forgot and did not fulfill their promise to him. Yes, times have changed.

Great lesson:

Why are you holding on to that position as if it’s for eternity, every stage in life is timed and one day it will elapse with another person taking over. All of this power drunkenness will soon fade away and loose it’s strength. Don’t live your life putting all your trust in people when the ovation is high because if you leave your position today, those you think will die for you will be the first to cast the stone! Only God never fails

My UK Home Gardening Experience #BraeburnApple #Activ8Agric

My UK Home Gardening Experience #BraeburnApple #Activ8Agric

#FamilyGarden #HomeGardening #SustainableAgriculture  #TheActivators

I learnt a great lesson while spending some time in my uncle’s home garden. I had the opportunity to see how the Braeburn Apple grows and how we can start growing fresh fruits just in our backyard garden. Growing garden fruits has lots of advantages for the family which in turn has lots of sustainable gain. Some of the advantages are; opening interest in sustainable agriculture, access to freshly grown fruits, cost savings measures on fruits budget for the home and the opportunity to teach our children the practical concept of growing fruits because lots of our children don’t even know the source of the fruits they eat. I give kudos to my Uncle’s family for this great interest in home gardening.

This is a great call to start something around your house. This is a great opportunity for most African homes, what are we doing with the abandoned garden spaces around our homes where we spent lots of money weeding or pollute the soil with herbicides? A garden can be a sustainable measure that will lead to sustainable gain. Think of how much you spend on fruits in stores and sometimes we feel sluggish about going to stores to buy fruits because of the distance.



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Support: Goal 2 End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

Good African Example

Credit: Pinterest

Peter Wambugu is a 60 years old Kenyan pasionate farmer who took the challenge to grow about eight varieties of apples out of the 7000 species of apples available.

He grows the apples on his 20-acre farm land in Ihwa village in Nyeri County of Kenya. My worry is this, where are the young apple farmers in Africa?

Some facts about Braeburn Apple

The ‘Braeburn’ is a cultivar of apple that is firm to the touch with a red/orange vertical streaky appearance on a yellow/green background. Its color intensity varies with different growing conditions (Wikipedia)

Braeburn Apple is the UK’s most popular eating apple variety by far and it will easily grow and flourish superbly in your garden! (YouGarden)

Braeburn Apple was the first of the new wave of bi-colored supermarket apple varieties, and re-established the importance of flavor in commercial apples.


Species: Malus domestica

Parentage: Lady Hamilton x Unknown

Originates from: New Zealand

Introduced: 1950

Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1008

UK National Fruit Collection accession: 1974-357


Visit here for more details (orangepippin)

Website links on apple cultivation


Growing Apple Trees From Seed

Before: Enjoying Fresh  Apple the Garden

After: Enjoyed fresh and nutritious Apple from the Garden



Ireti Emmanuel Adesida
Agricultural Communicator/Development Consultant

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The future of ICT in the agri-food sector my EFITA conference experience,Montpellier, France.

The future of ICT in the agri-food sector my EFITA conference experience,Montpellier, France.


European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA) is the European conference dedicated to the future use of ICT in the agri-food sector, bioresource and biomass sector, the conference issupported by the collaboration of the World Congress on Computers in Agriculture (WCCA). The first EFITA was held in 1997, and the recent one held on July 2nd to 6th 2017 was the 11th of the series in Supagro School, Montpellier, France. The conference had over 150 participants from around 25 countries. It was a nice atmosphere for knowledge sharing and thinking the future of ICT technologies within the agri-food and bioresource sectors. The conference had ICT demonstrations, poster presentations, plenary sessions, breakout sessions in different topical areas (Remote sensing/robotics, ICT Farm management, online classroom learning, Data Simulation, food chain, Agric Web, field to food and lots more) BtoB speed dating meetings, special sessions and technical tour to ICT in agriculture and territory management facilities.

Here I share with you some of the highlights of what I learnt from the plenary panel session on data and open data in agriculture. It is high time we create an open and unrestricted access to data on agriculture. Too much agricultural data is available but it is not used or captured properly. We have instances where farmers will like to keep their data secret but they will want to rely on other people’s data.

Mutual exchange of data should be encouraged and the fact remains that data belongs to the farmer. If we make data more open, the issue of quality will be addressed through evaluation and peer review.

Conference panel session

  • Esteban Feuerstein: CEO at Sadosky Foundation – Associate Professor and Researcher at University of Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • Johannes Keizer: Member of the GODAN secretariat and responsible for strategic Partnerships, former FAO’s representative – Italy
  • Bruno Prépin: Director at AGRO-EDI Europe – France
  • Agnès Robin: Researcher and professor at University of Montpellier – Intellectual property’s specialist – France
  • Bernhard Schmitz: Commercial Manager EME, AGCO International GmbH –Germany
  • Mehdi Siné : CTO & CDO at API-AGRO, ACTA and Arvalis Institut du Végétal – France.

The success stories of some agricultural apps and data management projects was discussed during the breakout sessions. KoBoCollect an agricultural app which is based on the OpenDataKit and is used for primary data collection in humanitarian emergencies and other challenging field environments. The experience in using radio and SMS in providing market information updates in Malagasy was shared with issues related to perception and use of existing communication channel came to place. Enabling the Business of Agriculture program of the World Bank role was also explained by its representative Marina Kayumova on how they have been working on ensuring smart regulations in the ICT sector and improved connectivity to rural areas which will lead to sustainable agricultural development. It’s better not to over-regulate and not under-regulate at the same time. The FAO e-agriculture representative Sophie Treinen talked about the importance of the e-agriculture policy and the need for all stakeholders to be actively involved in the process. The triple divide should always be considered in the e-agriculture activities which are digital, rural and gender factors.

I also had the opportunity to have a speed dating BtoField meeting with eight great agricultural innovators and it was a great time with them. I had a good time with E-Tumba team which is an ICT for Agric start up project which creates an advanced and intelligent Decision Support Platform to generate and disseminate information via mobile phones. My interaction with the World Bank operation analyst gave me a clearer understanding of the Enabling the Business of Agriculture of the Bank. It was an intellectual discussion with Anderson Sven a creative UX designer, Palsson Arvid a consultant on Agric mobile applications, Theabault Aurelie an ICT  research and development expect in agronomic interface, Mihaly Csoto a research fellow and sociologist from Digital Culture and Technology Center, Obuda University and Sorensen Rene a research assistance from Aarhus University.

My Details

Ireti Emmanuel Adesida Ph.D. Researcher in the area of Agricultural Communication and Policy, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague. Team leader/Program Coordinator-Rhealyz Green Network.

Conference funding support came courtesy of the Federal Government of Nigeria, NEEDS Assessment Grant through the Federal University of Technogy, Akure, Nigeria. I also a lecturer in the same University.

Picture credit: Picture 1 and 2 EFITA, picture 3,4,5 Ireti Emmanuel Adesida

Food Business Secures Your Future

Food Business Secures Your Future

#wakeupcall #truetalk #truth

By 2030, the size of the food and agribusiness in Africa will reach $1tn. So, if you’re thinking of how to make money, that’s the sector to be in….@akinwumiadesina

The future of sustainable business belongs to Agriculture. Agriculture has gone beyond the use of hoes, cutlasses, long term plant varieties, large farmlands, large labour etc. It belongs to the creative and problem solving minds with the determination to take charge of various sectors in the industry…..

I’m passionate about my #profession #agriculture

The life of an #agricultural #communicator………

More excerpts from Dr Akinwumi Adesina’s interview with

………..The (Senegalese) president was talking about it: in logistics and transport, producing and processing food, marketing food, services for those that are in agriculture, it’s really fantastic.

There’s a young man who got almost $480,000 from the Bank of Industry in Nigeria. He’s a medical doctor but I can tell you that he’s not using his stethoscope anymore; he’s using different types of equipment.

There’s a great work that’s been going on in Nigeria by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; they get all the young people that are doing these amazing things. One of them is a guy called Noel (Mulinganya) from Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This guy takes cassava, processes it into high-quality cassava flour and uses it to substitute bread-making in DRC. He makes $4,000 a week doing that. Now, he told us that he’s going to move to $10,000 a week. In the area where they are, they have been able to reduce the amount of import of wheat by almost 28 per cent just doing that …. @akinwumiadesina

Ireti Emmanuel Adesida

Agricultural Communicator/Development Consultant

#agriculture #agribusiness #food #business #africa #future #organic #farming #rhealyzNaija #rhealyzAfrica #MakeAfricaGreatAgain

Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture #Eurolessons

Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture #Eurolessons

#Euro #lessons #activateagric

Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture

My camera view

One of the secrets of transforming the Agricultural sector in Africa is restoring the place of cooperative farming which could be easily achieved by the family farming culture.

Inculcating the home gardening culture is key in making agriculture attractive to the younger ones and encourages sustainable fresh food production that can sustain the family.

What are your thoughts on the feasibility of this in Africa owning to the bonding challenges we have as a family?

Is space or time a challenge for home gardening?

According to FAO…. Family farming is a means of organizing agricultural, forestry, fisheries, pastoral and aquaculture production which is managed and operated by a family and predominantly reliant on family labour, including both women’s and men’s.

Rustik Magazine emphasized on the importance of family farming in providing an important means of feeding people and maintaining food security for their communities. From an economic perspective, surplus food produced on the farm can be sold to generate income to improve farmers’ The financial challenges of the farm can have a dramatic affect on family life. …


Life of an #agricultural #communicator #greengardening