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Daily Archives: June 15, 2018

Ever Ottawa Food Security Conference Well Received

The Ottawa Food Bank was honoured to host the location’s first-ever Ottawa Food Security Conference at the end of May.The objective of this conference was to start and grow a discourse concerning the problems around food insecurity. With that in mind, it was a platform for knowledge-sharing, expert development, getting in touch with food security stakeholders, and a chance to ask hard questions.Thank you to all the speakers and delegates who joined us for this inaugural event. You really made our first effort a success.” Excellent services offered difficulties my

company deals with.””Wow! I was really impressed by the variety and professionalism overall of this conference.””Laura’s story really showcased the individual element.””Thank you for having this conference.

It was a great chance to gather and share concepts and satisfy other neighborhood companies.””Thank you for an interesting conference! Venue was great, speakers were motivating.”” Dr. Turnbull was so inspirational.”

“It was an effectively orchestrated and intellectually(and emotionally)promoting conference. “The speakers and panel members for

the day were terrific and valued by the guests. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to share your experience and

your knowledge. Thank you to Laura May, Dr. Vera Etches, Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull, Dr. Isabelle Giroux, Aganeta Enns, Emily Spencer, Chef Ric Watson, Benedicte Carriere, Myriam Bouchard, Lola Dubé-Quibell, Holly Wagg, Mandy Arsenault, Jenny Mitchell, Kaitrin Doll, Patricia Lau, Danika Frappier, Rebecca O’Neil, and Maureen Cunningham.Thank you to the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre and Advantage AV for assisting to ensure the occasion looked and sounded wonderful.We are thrilled to do everything once again next year, and we intend to see you there! If you ‘d like to be added

to the conference distribution list so you will be notified of next year’s date as we get closer, please contact Anne Millar.

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