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My reflection at Kasárna Karlín (Karlín Barracks)

My reflection at Kasárna Karlín (Karlín Barracks)

‘A nation that preserves its history will live to build a sustainable society for its citizens.’

You can also check my video of creative tower built at the center

Kasárna Karlín (Karlín Barracks) was converted from a barracks into a cultural center. The nature inspiring site is located in Prague 8 which hosts a cafe, gallery, cinema, theater, and music stage in a relaxing outdoor space with a central garden area.
Kasárna Karlín is operated by a group of artists. The artists have signed a three-year lease to use the area with the ministry of Defence . The center is opened to all and affordable.

The barracks’ was completed in 1849 and were in use until 2008.


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My “Sights and Sounds of Vienna Open Market …. Fresh and Nutritious Fruits” on YouTube

My “Sights and Sounds of Vienna Open Market …. Fresh and Nutritious Fruits” on YouTube

Sights and Sounds of Vienna Open Market ….
Fresh and Nutritious Fruits. My sustainable food research tour

It’s all about food security/nutrition closer and cheaper to the consumer

Open Market features …..
*Ease of entry
*Marketing opportunities for farmers
*Could be periodical
*Organic opportunities
*Might be noisy and rowdy
*Great experience

Great lesson for developing societies….. the post market food waste has been taking care of by sustainable storage and value chain facilities

Say no to #foodwaste
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‘Farmers feedback’ on E wallet in Nigeria Part 1

‘Farmers feedback’ on E wallet in Nigeria Part 1

Giving farmers a voice on issues affecting them……

Questions asked….

1) Advice to government on input delivery in Nigeria
2) Effects of mobile phone usage by farmers

The Federal government of Nigeria introduced the use of Electronic Wallet (e-wallet) Approach. An e wallet is an efficient and transparent electronic device system that makes use of vouchers for the purchase and distribution of agricultural inputs (Ezeh, 2013, Adesina, 2013).

The World According to Termites … My film festival experience

The World According to Termites … My film festival experience

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Had an inspirational time at the screening of the film ‘The World According to Termites’ 52 min at the Life Sciences Film Festival

The picture above is the battle between a termite (Soldier) and a ant. A termite is more classified closely to the cockroach family and ants are related to the wasp family…

Termites play a major role in nourishing the soil and have a symbiotic relationship with big trees in the forest though they’re unaccepted guests in a domestic environment….

The trailer below

The society needs to understand the organisational and sacrificial characters of termites ……

The life of a #filmmaker
and an #agricultural #communicator

Headworks 3D Mannequin Activates Innovation

Headworks 3D Mannequin Activates Innovation

Activating #ICT4Agric ICT4D #ideas

The world’s first holographic intelligent mannequin is the creation of London animator Dominic Faraway, who built it in his home studio in North London.

They used the Business and IP Centre of the British Library for resources and to patient their unique idea.

Headworks presents a new experience in visual display and communication: an ultra realistic talking 3D holographic head combines with a life-size mannequin body.


This technology will be a great solution as a sustainable technological replacement for scarecrows on our rice farm with an interactive image to scare away these destructive pests on our rice farm.

Furthermore, this could also help our poultries from rodents and reptiles where interactive images can pose a threat to any intruder saving the food industry from attacks and financial loss. The role of ICT in agricultural development cannot be disregarded.

Just making #somesense #activ8agric #ict4agric

Examples of ICT driven technological solutions to address pests……

Rice farmers in Taitung County have begun using scarecrows equipped with solar panels to protect crops from birds after researchers devised the technique as a labor-saving measure. Researchers at the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station said the solar-powered scarecrows can make noises that scare away birds without harming the animals (Taipeitimes)

Picture courtesy Chen Hsien-yi, Taipei Times

According to modernfarmer, a team of scientists at the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (FDACS) is employing creativity, plastic and 3-D printing technology to take pest traps to the next level. “Once you know the target pest’s behavior, then you can tailor the trap to the insect,” Smith says. “It’s half art, half biology.”

Picture courtesy of Courtesy Joshua Reid Carswell with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

One of Soleon’s recent projects is called the SoleonAgro, a drone intended for biological pest control in agriculture. The target of this project is a pest which affects maize stalks, causing a significant amount of crops to be destroyed each year. Instead of turning to pesticides or genetically modified crops as a solution, the SoleonAgro drone distributes Trichogramma eggs. The Trichogramma is a species of wasp which eats the Corn Borer, and offers the great benefit of being a natural, eco-friendly solution (materialise)

Pictures courtesy of Soleon

#socialmedia is also key for #agribusiness and #sustainableagriculture

The life of a #DevelopmentComunicator #AgriculturalCommunicator Let’s #MakeAfricaGreatAgain

Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture #Eurolessons

Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture #Eurolessons

#Euro #lessons #activateagric

Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture

My camera view

One of the secrets of transforming the Agricultural sector in Africa is restoring the place of cooperative farming which could be easily achieved by the family farming culture.

Inculcating the home gardening culture is key in making agriculture attractive to the younger ones and encourages sustainable fresh food production that can sustain the family.

What are your thoughts on the feasibility of this in Africa owning to the bonding challenges we have as a family?

Is space or time a challenge for home gardening?

According to FAO…. Family farming is a means of organizing agricultural, forestry, fisheries, pastoral and aquaculture production which is managed and operated by a family and predominantly reliant on family labour, including both women’s and men’s.

Rustik Magazine emphasized on the importance of family farming in providing an important means of feeding people and maintaining food security for their communities. From an economic perspective, surplus food produced on the farm can be sold to generate income to improve farmers’ The financial challenges of the farm can have a dramatic affect on family life. …


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Celebrating Nature at ‘Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2017’

Celebrating Nature at ‘Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2017’

Venue: Innsbruck, Austria

Date: October 10 to 13, 2017

Endorsement: Canadian FlighNetwork voted the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival as one of the “27 European Film Festivals You Won’t Want To Miss In 2017”. 
This an international film competition, offering motivated filmmakers a platform for presenting their latest work. The focus is set on films that deal with the topic of nature and environment! 
Four film festival days with film presentations and a high-quality side program are the framework for an on-topic, ecological, and artistic discourse.
Awards & Prizes
Nature: “Grand Prize of the City of Innsbruck” worth 3.000 € 

Environment: “Grand Prize of the City of Innsbruck” worth 3.000 €
Shorts: “Canon Award” worth 2.000 € 

Animations: “Canon Award” worth 2.000 €
< 19 years: “Tiroler Tageszeitung Award” worth 1.000 € 

< 25 years: “Tiroler Tageszeitung Award” worth 1.000 €
Best cinematography: t.b.a. 

Best film on the topic of soil: t.b.a.
Watch the teaser below

Your Attitude determines your Altitude

Your Attitude determines your Altitude

A word for your day…..
You must come to a place in your life where you are secure in who you are ‘in the God factor; where you don’t allow your sense of worth to be based on the opinions or actions of others. Stop trying to find your worth in how you look, or in what you do for a living, or in how people treat you. 

Watch below and stay motivated

Picture Credit:freepiks